Kimberly S. Sweeney Esq.

Kimberly Sweeney-Oviasogie: pole-dancing attorney, wife, mother, and twice featured guest on the Steve Harvey Show all of the above in a year! She is a native of Jackson, MS and owner of The Law Office of Kimberly S Sweeney, PLLC. Although her primary areas of law practice are debt management, consumer bankruptcy, student loan defense and garnishment fraud she has worked with domestic violence survivors, women shelters and represented victims of violence and sexual harassment. After her appearance on the Steve Harvey show in January 2016 as the “outrageous, hopeless dating pole dancing-attorney”, she met her husband, Unity Oviasogie, in April 2016, married in September 2016 and returned to the Steve Harvey Show for an update February 2017, 8 months pregnant with her first child. She now resides in Houston, TX with Unity and daughter, Audrey, traveling between her TX office and her two offices in Jackson, MS and Gulfport, MS.

Branded Financial Hero

There are students, and then there are champions when it comes to anything in this life. From teaching financial freedom to teaching an extensive pole dancing transition, Attorney Kimberly Sweeney is a champion at both. Never the one to shy away from living the best of both worlds, Sweeney has been more than diligent in blending her two careers and making it work with ease and strength. As a trailblazer who has made her mark by going against traditional career trajectory expectations, Kimberly took her dreams of bridging her two lifestyles together and present The Pole Counsel.

Like most lawyers, Kimberly is a woman of action. Instead of having to choose between her love of law and pole dancing, she blends the two together and uses The Pole Counsel as a way to counsel people on financial freedom while enjoying an awesome intense workout through pole fitness. When the bankruptcy attorney opened her own pole studio in 2014, it became the perfect opportunity to use all of her knowledge and intertwine them to relieve not only their financial stress but stress held in their bodies as well. Many people may not understand how the two come together to build such a successful pairing, but they both come with negative stigmas that society has placed on them for years. Bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed about and can be a vital resource to save someone from losing everything. With the same negative connotation, pole dancing has been poorly viewed as a shameful activity with degrading values. At Pole Counsel, Kimberly Sweeney aims to shift the narrative of both scenarios and has cultivated a way to learn incredible fitness skills as well as skills to climb out of financial distress. The two extremes harmonize perfectly to create a psychologically safe space to express your concerns and let go of them in a healthy athletic way. The Pole Counsel is here for everyone to take the journey of looking at all aspects with an open mind without assumptions or judgments.  

Other info:

Graduate of Jackson state university, W.E.B. Dubois Honors College (2002) BA in Marketing

Graduate of Mississippi College School of Law (2009)

Licensed in the State of Mississippi, Southern and Northern District, Chancery and State Court Practice; Licensed in State of Texas and the Southern District of Texas.
Jackson Office: 769-823-3733
Gulfport Office: 228-901-2420