Bankruptcy carries many parallels to the negative stigmas of Pole Dancing.

Let me elaborate.

I hope that I removed any negative light credit restoration or bankruptcy had in your mind. Everyone deserves to receive the benefits of Great Credit. We are ready to help you succeed in this credit journey! Are you’re ready? If so, let’s ‘Get Started’ by clicking below.

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Pole Class With A Twist

Here are some fun facts about the leader of Pole Counsel …

  • Licensed to practice in Texas, Southern District of Texas, Mississippi, Southern District of Mississippi, and Northern District of Mississippi
  • Certified pole dance instructor
  • Started a mobile pole dance business in 2012 while practicing at a small bankruptcy firm
  • Owned the biggest pole studio in Jackson, MS from 2014-2016
  • Her studio became a sponsor for a domestic violence survivor shelter, Angel Wing Outreach
  •  She practiced both family law (divorce, child custody, and visitation) and consumer bankruptcy focusing on assisting domestic violence survivors
  • an avid billiards player and will like to attempt pro status one day
  • a guest on the Steve Harvey Show in 2016 and 2017